Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yakima Valley Labyrinths

Looking for unusual spaces in the Yakima Valley, spaces and places not on tour maps, well known by locals and those who actively search for the unusual? Labyrinths have existed around the world for thousands of years, used for meditation, spiritual enlightenment, and healing with each turn in the path representing the journeys of life. Walking a labyrinth is said to suspend the left brain activity of logical thought and encourage the right brain activities intuition, creativity, and meditation. Each time one walks the circular turning pathway can be a different experience from a general sense of inner peace or calm, to insights, answers to questions or simply a nice walk.

Labyrinths exist in several places in the Yakima Valley. In front of the the Allied Arts Center at Gilbert Park is the labyrinth, located at 5000 West Lincoln Ave. This is a 45 foot diameter pathway in brick, with a large rock in the center, built in 2001, consisting of 7 adjacent semi-circles. This Classic 7 pattern dates back 3500 years to the Isle of Crete.

If you are visiting with children, the Yakima Greenway labyrinth, built in 2001, at McGuire Playground in Sunrise Rotary Parks. The playground features a large wooden play structure, one can reach by parking at Sarge Hubbard Park and walking north about one mile.

There are two other labyrinths located in the Yakima Valley at Children's Village, 3801 Kern Road, Yakima, and Heritage University, 3240 Fort Road, Toppenish.

Come, walk to the center of a Yakima Valley labyrinth, for a profound experience or a pleasant walk on a sunny day.

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