Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Story - Chalk Art Rose' by Two Mountain Winery

What is the meaning of the label on "Chalk Art" Rose' produced by Two Mountain Winery?

Each year, Two Mountain Winery hosts a Chalk Party where artists young and old to try their hand at chalk art. The participants enjoy fine wine, food, live music, creative artistic expression and survive the numerous art critics to vie for the coveted prize.

The prize? The winning Artwork becomes a new label of Chalk Art Rose'. The Pegasus Project, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization is supported by a portion of the purchase price on each bottle. The Pegasus Project, of the North American Riding Handicapped Association (NARHA), provides therapeutic riding, equine-assisted activities to those with special needs and disabilities. Founded in 2003 as a pilot project of seven riders with special needs and one instructor. The tremendous response from the riders and their families and remarkable benefits enabled the Pegasus Project to expand its therapeutic riding services. The project is located at Tumbleweed Ranch, Highway 12 in Yakima, WA on a beautiful twenty-six acre site.

Plan on coming for the fun in June of 2010 to "Celebrate being a kid again!" Draw with chalk on the floor of the winery tasting room, be creative! In the meantime when you visit the winery in the Rattlesnake Hills of the Yakima Valley, buy "Two Mountain Chalk Art Rose' Wine" to support this great program.

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