Thursday, August 6, 2009

America's juice-grape capital, the Yakima Valley!

Drink a glass of grape juice this morning?

Tree Top Inc., located in the Yakima Valley city of Selah, is Washington State’s number one producer of apple and pear juices, also produces Concord grape juice. Their website features an overview of concord grape growing throughout the four seasons in the Yakima Valley. You will find recipes such as the concord grape sorbet delight. The Tree Top corporate headquarters in Selah features a gift shop where one can purchase Tree Top products and gift items.

Spread a little grape jam from the Yakima Valley on your toast this morning?

In the U.S. today, approximately 1 billion pounds of fruit spreads are produced annually. Grape jelly and grape jam are two of the most popular products. Concord grapes are used in grape juice, fruit snaks, for flavorings in gum, candy, ice creams, sherbets, milk shakes, gelatin desserts, fillings for bakery products, yogurt and fruit smoothies. Yakima Valley is the USA’s #1 producer of Concord Grapes used in grape juice, jams and more.

The National Grape Cooperative Association, an agricultural co-op, produces 14,425 acres of concord grapes grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington State. This is the most acreage of concord grapes grown in any state in the USA. The pressing and storage plant for the Pacific Northwest is located in the city of Grandview.

This website features a history of the grape from 6000 BC to a history of the concord grapes from 1853, when the seedling was exhibited before the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. In 1854 the grapes were placed on the market, calling them the "Concord Grape" after the town of Concord. Concord grapes are deep purple, contain seeds and when eaten raw are squeezed from their skins into the mouth.

update 1.30.10 --2009 harvest Washington-nation's largest producer of juice grapes, Concords, crushing 205,000 tons last year, compared with New York's 84,900 tons

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