Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Perfect Day - Yakima River Canyon Para-gliding

The Yakima River Canyon is known primarily for Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing and lazy summer days floating the river, but did you know that experienced para-gliders have discovered the canyon ridges. There are two distinct ridges where para-gliders can be seen, at the northern end of the Yakima River Canyon, Baldy Butte and the southern, Selah Butte.
In the Yakima Valley, experienced para-gliders fly off Selah Butte, where the city of Selah, WA can be seen in the distance in this video, "Perfect Day."

Located at the northern end of the Yakima River Canyon, Baldy Butte is a popular for Paragliding. The launching area is the highest point along the Umtanum Ridge and privately owned. Members of NWPC have access through a site use agreement. The Northwest Paragliding Club sponsors a Fly-in at Baldy Butte in September.

Accommodations along the Yakima River Canyon range from exclusive upscale to camping.
  • Canyon River Ranch a beautiful rustic lodge in the center of the Yakima River Canyon, with breathtaking views.
  • The North Park Lodge -Rustic lodge pole furniture in the large rooms, Indoor pool, tanning beds and more. Located in Selah, WA only minutes from Downtown Yakima, offering many restaurant and evening entertainment choices.

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